melodies and play

[this is an impromptu poem i wrote during a service on creativity at all souls unitarian universalist church in tulsa, ok. i wrote the piece during that service, interspersing words and images therein, and then read the finished piece as the closing remarks. i hope you enjoy reading it as much as i enjoyed writing it!]

…and here is our standing


to come and play –

sleep has released us from its embrace

we have rolled lazily, groggily,

inventively into this day

spoons clink in coffee cups,

saxophones trade notes

with piano keys,

babies cry, dogs bark in the distance,

earth-breath of wind tickles the leaves.

we are part of the improvisational

symphony of living-

we paint it:

in ketchup on dinner plates,

in doodles in meeting agendas,

in finger traces across a lover’s cheek.

“the most elemental and in most

aspects of our being…”

connect us like a great

guitar string of consciousness

one to another, one in another,

we share in melodies of deep silence

and raucous laughter.

we dance it:

walking down the street,

stumbling tiredly into the supermarket,

hugging our loved ones.

if only we could see ourselves

in each moment

weaving and whittling new worlds

from the organic matter

of our oneness.

what color is your courage?

how will you choreograph

the dance of your

every single day?

build a fire in the form of memory

and let it guide us to new truths.

this is the day we’ve been given,

and the invitation is infinite.

you are never early or late,

the time is always now.


come and play.

6 thoughts on “melodies and play

  1. How wonderful! And inspirational! Beautifully written. That’s the way I look at my life now: as play. And I’m always amused by the looks on people’s faces when I respond with that to their query ‘What do you do?’

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  2. I always feel so awkward leaving comments, not being sure if I have anything relevant or intelligent to say, but this poem, Mia, like all of your poems that I read, is so terrific. The images and the word choices are picture perfect, and the poem fills me with delight each time i read it ( which has been multiple times now.) This poem in particular has struck a vibrant chord with me because a sense of playfulness has always been a keystone in my life.

    I attend a monthly poetry reading at Worcester State University called “One Poem and…” up here in Worcester, MA. The rules there are for every poem of yours that you read, you also must read a poem that you admire from another poet. Mia, I was wondering if you would allow me to share one or two poems of yours with the group? You have definitely have become one of my favorite new poets….


    • Hey Paul! Thank you so much for your kind words and feedback! I don’t think you should feel awkward at all – I’m always just so thrilled that someone has read and found value in my work. The feeling is definitely mutual; I love your work as well! I would be beyond honored to have you share my poem(s) at the reading. And what a cool concept! Do you ever get a chance to record any of the reading? If so, I’d love to see a snippet of it. Please just let me know which pieces you are thinking to share. Thanks again for taking the time to reach out, Paul. Kudos from such a talented person as you really means a lot!

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      • Hi Mia,
        Thank you so much! I don’t believe the reading has even been recorded, so I don’t the policy would be, but I will ask. If granted permission, maybe I can use my kindle fire (I don’t have a smart phone) to record an audio or video of some of the reading. Your poems are so amazing its hard to choose which to read, but I was definitely hoping to share “Melodies and Play”, and if the reading goes beyond one round ( last meeting, there were over 30 people, so we were each only able to read a pair of poems) I was thinking about reading “Meta”.


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